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Expanded cell closed pvc floats for lpg gasoline and gasoil

Material technical specification
high pressure - light weight

As well as carrying out standard mechanical strength tests, the group can undertake more specialised core analysis work including creep, hydraulic crush point and water absorption tests. Also carried out are fatigue and impact testing of sandwich structures. Composite materials offer tremendous opportunities for reducing weight, increasing stiffness and strength, improving thermal and sound insulation while allowing a very high level of design freedom.
For example composite vessels and vehicles can offer higher maximum speeds, a greater range and better fuel utilisation than comparable structures built from traditional materials. To maximise these performance advantages whilst minimising material costs and build times, accurate structural engineering is a prerequisite of the design process.
For over fifty years the Excell name has been synonymous with high performance foams for structural and insulation applications. Through-out this time the range of Excell grades has been steadily expanded, improved and enhanced. Today they are typified by their extremely high strength to weight ratio, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, low water absorption and good chemical resistance.

EX-Cell plate

Ex-Cell is a PVC based structural foam. It shares PVC's reputation as being among the most chemically resistant materials available. Unique in its physical properties, Ex-Cell possesses the highest strength to weight ratio available in polymer foams. Couple this with high thermal insulation value, low friability and 100% closed cell, Ex-Cell is considered the state of the art in structural foam.
Through a carefully controlled mixing, pressing and expansion process Ex-Cell develops a highly structured, tridimensional network of closed cells wich are impervious to moisture and phisically strong.

The first step in the manufacture of Ex-Cell starts with mixing of raw materials. Prior to mixing, however, a comprehensive quality check is made on the raw materials. Raw materials are brought together by sophisticated material handling equipment. This allow them to transported and mixed without coming in contact with human beings or adverse atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity. Mixing and pouring takes place in environmentally controlled clean rooms.


Multivalve LPG float.